Letter from Marilyn B. Meyers, Founder of Preservation America Trust and Executive Director of Glen Mary Plantation


My fellow Americans,

As citizens of this great country, we have inherited something very precious.

We have all had special places in our lives at one time or another which have shaped us as individuals. And although we may move on, we often continue to be nourished by the memories of time and place. The lasting impressions of where we grew up may recall the unique character of the buildings and the surrounding landscape that we knew so well.

Yet, if you review the list of philanthropic causes that people give to, saving these special places is never at the top of the list, not even close! Protecting the meaningful and irreplaceable, what the last generation saved for the next, is in our own interest, emotionally and economically. Why is it that we don’t consider saving this legacy a priority? If you think about it, what would America be like without Mount Vernon or Monticello or even Grand Central Station in New York City?

Preservation America is dedicated to rescuing Glen Mary Plantation, one important piece of our national story. Your support is critical to Glen Mary’s continued existence and our ability to open the site for you to visit and enjoy. So, what would be lost if we don’t succeed and Glen Mary tragically ceased to exist? A loss of historical memory in the broadest sense. Glen Mary represents a piece of our collective cultural DNA. It is the history we share and what unites us as Americans. As a tangible artifact, Glen Mary has the evocative power to remind us of lessons learned. Her unexpected solitary classical beauty in a remote bucolic landscape is an uplifting heart-stopping source of aesthetic pleasure. As America becomes the land of the “overfull”, Glen Mary stands out as “a still unravished bride of quietness”.

Come visit us and please give us your support!

Thank you

Marilyn B. Meyers