How Donations Are Used



The Role of Our Philanthropy

As a non-profit, Preservation America Trust depends on contributions from donors like you to ensure the preservation of Glen Mary for generations to come. Your donation is essential to our success. We thank you for your support.

How It Works

Contributions received can be assigned to any of the key areas we are presently focusing on:

  • Educational Center
  • Mansion restoration
  • Garden restoration
  • Fire suppression system
  • Collections Acquisition
  • Cultural Programs
  • Annual Fund- Area of Greatest Need

Staff and volunteers are working hard every day to rescue, restore and maintain Glen Mary so that the site becomes an important destination for culture and education. The direct result of your generous philanthropic contributions is our ability to present to the public an authentic historic southern homestead, as well as develop a visionary educational center.

We invite you to contribute and be part of these projects and join our restoration family. We shall acknowledge your contribution in the following ways:

  • A sealed thank you letter.
  • Presenting your name on our website.
  • Your name handwritten in a ‘Contribution Book’ displayed in the foyer of the mansion.
  • Regular updates showing you the progress and how the restoration unfolds.

If you would like to contribute stocks or securities, please contact Mrs. Marilyn Meyers, at 706-444-8134 or

Preservation America is a 501c (3) charitable trust, the tax exempt organization that owns and operates Glen Mary. All contributions are tax –deductible.

Make a Donation by Check:       To: Preservation America Trust
Glen Mary
7342 Linton Road
Sparta, Georgia 31087

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