Why Use CODEC?

1. Follow Easy Step-by-Step Instructions

Our video tutorials were created with you in mind. We have studied and reviewed tools that allow you to build an optimal e-commerce site. The tutorials guide you through easy step-by-step educational instructions on how to use these tools to build an e-commerce site but also create social media pages for your business and improve search engine optimization of site for an increased visibility on the Web.

2. Benefit from a personalized approach and response to your business needs

At CODEC, you are not a customer number. We take the time to understand your business and your needs. We offer customized solutions for your business and your problems.

3. Gain from Local Support

We are located in the heart of Georgia and we are here to serve you. Instead of calling or emailing a company outside of Georgia or the United States, you can call, email, stop by our office for help or we can also stop by your office for help with your online presence.

4. Help Georgia Higher Education

By becoming a CODEC customer, you are supporting the education of college students at Georgia College and in general in the state of Georgia. Your business will provide students the opportunity to apply and enhance their professional skills by serving you.